Digital Marketing Auditing

The efficiency of your digital marketing is in your hands.

G.G.G. offers a unique Digital Marketing Auditing services (DMA) that delivers comprehensive, performance analysing reports - you won't find anything like it in the region.

Within a normal, Digital Marketing environment, there are two parties - the client, who runs the online promotions or campaigns, and the digital marketing agency that executes the campaign.

Through our DMA service, we'll act as a third party - working between the client and the digital marketing agency to ensure that results are always optimised. Alternatively, we can report to the in-house marketing department.

Using our unique and innovative DMA platform, we prepare reports that provide an in-depth analysis of a business' marketing activities, looking at how they can increase their ROI and maximise their results.

Our DMA reports are created by a minimum of three industry experts:

Digital Marketing Consultant.
Business Analyst.
Digital Creative Director.

Digital Marketing Auditing - Gulf Gravity Group

DMA reports look at a number of different aspects, including:

Hundreds Technical Checkpoints

The Authenticity of the Flow.

Customers funnels and Acquisition.

Examining Spending and ROI.

Frontend backend Amelioration.

The Ingenuity of designs.

Digital Marketing Auditing - Gulf Gravity Group
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